The Top Tools And Resources For Web Designers

As a web designer, knowing which tools to use for your projects can save you time and effort while helping you create more professional and impressive websites. Many of the tasks that were once best performed manually can now be delegated to apps, plugins, and online tools that shave hours off your workload. Invest a few minutes into checking out these awesome tools and resources for web designers to give your projects a boost in efficiency and creativity.

1. Atomic

Atomic is a cloud-based prototyping platform that lets web designers share their works-in-progress with developers and other design experts. This is a great tool for getting a second set of eyes on your work before uploading it to your web host. Atomic contains several point and click tools that allow for adjustments, resizing, and moving the elements of your design around to help you see how your site will look its best.

2. FlatIcon

Whether you’re just starting out as a web designer, or you’re an expert designer creating new sites regularly, you’ll find the free icon packs at FlatIcon tremendously useful. There are over 10,000 sets of icons hosted on this site for use on your own websites and other digital designs. Bring coherency and a touch of creativity to your design by including custom icon packs from FlatIcon in your interfaces. All of the icons found in this web resource are free.

3. Font Inspector

This free tool is indispensable for designers who want to locate the names and properties of fonts found on the web. To use this tool you must have FireFox and enable add-ons. Font Inspector takes the work out of tracking down font types and names, and brings you an instant of analysis of the fonts found on any webpage.

4. Smush

Smush is a plugin for designers using WordPress hosting that helps compress and optimize images and photos on your website. This will help you keep in align with current SEO practices that seem to favor efficient image compression. This free tool that functions right in your WordPress admin panel can save you from having to scale and modify the dimensions of your site’s images manually in Photoshop.

5. CodePen

CodePen is popular among web designers for its online work-sharing platform that lets you get social input from fellow designers and industry experts. CodePen lets you browse and upload projects, and has thousands of existing code and design examples to draw inspiration from. Many of the projects found on CodePen are free to use or replicate on your own site as well, just be sure to read the licensing and sharing limitations for each project.

6. FontFlame

FontFlame is a great resource for web designers, it allows users to find fonts that match and pair well with other fonts. Having font diversity throughout your website and apps can make your text more interesting and improve your overall interface. Take the work out of trying to pair fonts side by side across the web by matching them up in this convenient and easy to use web app.

7. TinyMCE Advanced

This online tool was made for web designers with WordPress hosting. It helps by extending your visual editor in WordPress so you can more easily make changes to your site from the frontend. This is a great tool for web designers who don’t want to use coding and backend work to make simple changes on the site’s main interface.

8. CSS Nectar

CSS Nectar is a great resource for web designers who are looking for inspiration and design ideas. This online resource contains a gallery of design concepts and websites that fellow designers can vote up or down. This will help you crowd-source for input on your current designs and find impressive designs to draw inspiration from. Bookmark this resource and check it regularly to watch for trends in web design.

9. Bootstrap Studio

Many web designers prefer to work with point and click interfaces, as coding is often outside of the design requisite. The absence of a strong grasp on CSS and HTML syntax shouldn’t preclude you from being able to use one of the most powerful design and development tools available: Bootstrap, and now it doesn’t have to. The Bootstrap Studio design tool allows you to edit Bootstrap through a drag and drop interface with a very small learning curve.

10. FreePik

FreePik has an online database of thousands of free vector images for commercial and personal use. Web designers at all skill levels delve into the categorized collection of vector images on this website to find scalable solutions for mobile and responsive websites. The images contained at FreePik can be easily edited in Adobe Illustrator, as they are formatted in the .AI file type.

These tools and resources will help you with every part of your design projects ranging from graphic design to typography. Download the free vector and icon image sets to have on reserve when you need them most, and make use of the cloud-sharing tools to share your prototypes with others. These resources were hand picked for quality and usefulness and using them will put you in the ranks of some of the top web designers who keep them in their design tool kits.