Best Online Torrent Downloaders For Mac

If you are searching for online Torrent downloaders for Mac; you’ll need to perform a quality search to find the best ones offering customized options suitable for your alldownload. Torrent clients differ greatly as some of them come equipped with range of features whereas some offers just online services.

We have list down the best online torrent downloaders for Mac for you:


Folx is one of the best free torrent downloaders for Mac for many years. The reason behind it is topping the chart is lets you download torrent files in hassle free manner. You can control download and upload the speed, set your downloading task as per priority etc. It also supports trackers and magnetic links free of costs, which make dealing with Torrent content easier.


It is basically a service for downloading from various file sharing websites. It also offerscloud torrent service as a part of its free account. The users are limited to 1 GB size as of. The best thing is its feature which allows you to pick individual files from torrents – this type of feature is not even offered even by paid services.

A premium account user will not only get abundant of storage limit but will also let them download unlimited from several other file sharing websites.

This is another brilliant cloud torrent service which has simple yet intuitive UI with ample of streaming options. It’s easy to stream files in the web browser of any mobile device, TV, PC including Chromecast and Apple TV.

You can opt for premium account as they are SSL protected and your downloaded files are checked by NOD32 anti-virus, exclusively provided by Bitport.

It offers a free record with 2 GB distributed storage with a confinement of 100 Mb/hour exchange.

Designed and developed out of best interface, it can watch specific folders on server and downloads new files automatically. It conveniently supports FTP access, XBMC, Open-subtitles, Roku, and Boxee. All you have to do is provide RSS feed to and it will watch out your download. With this downloader, you can directly fetch videos from various video offering websites. There are also some small filters and settings which make your life easier.


Its brilliant interface offers an easy navigation from different devices. It downloads torrents at high speed on your laptops, PC and mobile devices no matter what their OS is. It has secure connection, amazing speed, monitors your downloading all these at competitive premium prices.