Video resolution – A comprehensive guide to choose the appropriate one

YouTube downloaders, available on the online platform, have now become more advanced to help you in enjoying the video offline. You can download any of the important videos from YouTube by using those downloaders. You can get free online downloader YouTubNow as it one of the best tools to download YouTube videos. Although it is easy to download the video with this application, the video quality can differ, depending on what resolution you have chosen.

YouTubNow enables its users to choose any resolution for their videos. However, most of the users do not have an idea of what resolution is best for their purpose. The software has presented a range of resolutions for the downloaded videos. We have given you important information on those resolutions.

How resolution or pixel makes a difference to the video quality

Video resolution represents the final output or video quality that we can enjoy on our device. As the design of every device is different, the size of the screen may also be diverse. That is why the video resolution also has to be adjustable to give you the best standard output. The HD videos will surely look amazing on a big screen. However, a video with a resolution of 480p also offers you this result on a five-inch display. Thus, it is essential to choose the appropriate resolution for storing the downloaded videos.

What resolution is best for your video?

Resolutions range from 144 to 1080 pixels, and they show how many horizontal lines have been stacked overall each over. With the higher resolution value, you will be able to enjoy sharper videos. 720p videos can be viewed best on the bigger screen. You may also choose 480p as the resolution value. With this resolution, you can play the video on any desktop and laptop or small television. 144p is the lowest resolution value, available for you.

For those, who are playing the video in a standard mobile, 360p is the right resolution level. However, you may adjust it to a higher value to get the best experience from it. 1080p is the highest video resolution that you can get with YouTubNow. You can share the video on any social platform or watch it on the TV screen.

Thus, the above information will surely help you in picking the right video resolution and enjoy the desired output.