Watch ad-free YouTube videos in the offline mode

We stream YouTube videos on our mobile and PC. Those, who upload YouTube videos, create their profile on this platform. However, the viewers usually do not need to make an account, and they can get videos from YouTube free.

Ads in YouTube video

While watching various YouTube videos, we have seen that there are banner ads displayed on the bottom portion of the video. Although these ads are presented by brand owners to promote their service and product, they really cause a distraction in our mind. It is annoying to watch an ad, while you are watching an interesting part of the video. Most of these YouTube ads do not cover much time to be displayed. Still, lots of viewers don’t like them to be embedded in their video. You cannot find any button for removing these ads. You may just skip them after few seconds.

Trying to remove ads? You have two options

There are two ways in which you can get ad-free YouTube videos. One of them is YouTube Red, which is a subscription service, and thus, you have to make an investment for using this premium service.

Another option, available to you, is to use YouTubNow, the YouTube Downloader. You can download YouTube videos, which have no ads.

For YouTube Red subscribers, you can find the offline content easily. There is also an audio-only mode. You may also cancel this membership at any time. You can save those YouTube videos offline. Thus, it has similarities with YouTube Downloader. However, you can play the saved video for forty-eight hours, and after this timeframe, you have to set the network connection for checking the video modification, and the availability of the video.

But, YouTubNow users are able to enjoy downloaded videos all the time. Thus, it is a better option to you.

Another similarity of YouTubNow and subscription is that you can alter the video quality while storing the video. YouTubNow offers various ranges of video resolution, and you can choose anyone to set it for the particular content. It also helps you in picking the best format for the video that you like to store.

Thus, you can rely on YouTubNow or YouTube Red. However, we think that YouTubNow is a better option for enjoying offline videos. This is a free platform with an advantage of downloading videos on your gadget. You can get this software from the site.