The American Dream for the Chinese

There have been an increasing number of property listings in the US. Recently, it has attracted Chinese citizens to purchase properties overseas. Even when China has started developing high rise buildings in their own country, others are still pursuing the American dream of being in the US. It may be quite difficult to achieve due to the limitation of Chinese national to US immigration. As a matter of fact, residential properties have a high number of Chinese buyers for the past three years, amounting to almost $32 billion in total. The popular states that the Chinese prefer are California, Florida and New York among others. Additionally, the Chinese community in the US has been evident due to the students who enroll in American colleges. These also prefer buying properties in the US as an investment compared to just renting out.

Foreign investors create more opportunities for countries. In the case of the Chinese, it brings in businesses for retailers. There are a lot of rich Chinese who are already in the US with vast investments beyond real estate. Chinese buyers are said to pay in cash and leaves a good impression for business in smaller cities. These also affect the affordability of houses in the US but the competition with American buyers is also affected. However, more Chinese are involved with luxury properties resulting to indirect competition with local buyers. China is contributing to the real estate market positively. Other cities in the US have more properties but are likewise, more expensive. This is the reason why some buyers are geared towards other cities who can offer luxury residential properties that are not double the price, unlike some places. However, this does not generally mean that the market ends there, foreign investment is also still welcome for the other states. More Chinese look after the opportunities in the US real estate market. As a result, it can negatively impact those who are US locals. Policies have been reinforced to limit the amount of investment from Chinese buyers. The strict implementation requires the declaration of bank accounts. There is speculation regarding illegal activity among Chinese investors and these cause denying transactions with the US. Furthermore, the issues of smuggling and corruption among businessmen cause trouble and almost no chance of crossing China’s borders.

As China’s economy grows, investments are seen to be more significant. Other industries also experience an increase in the amount being involved, as well as other countries that are interested to transact. China has attracted more investors itself but being in the business mindset, Chinese business owners wish to continue further in the US. This has always been the cause long in history. Even decades ago, China experienced Nanking Massacre but then recovered through economic reforms. It took them quite long but to be able to compete with the US who has always been the most powerful, is quite remarkable.

Without a doubt, Chinese investors are being innovative to think of ways to expand. It can be difficult to handle the protocols of the US but since China is a powerful country on its own, their investments will still be helpful to the US economy. The tighter controls imposed by the US do not threaten the will of the Chinese to pursue businesses across the world. More importantly, the US is actually the one who benefits in a larger scale due to the investments being done by China. The real estate is a vast market and as the demand also increases, the possibility of improving and developing is not limited. There may be challenges faced by the Chinese who go through this path but not even the policies can stop their will.

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