The New and Improved Segway Hoverboard

The 6.5-inch hoverboard scooter is the fastest selling hoverboard currently on the market. Riders are guaranteed a level of comfort while riding the Segway scooter. It gives you the best experience in riding that you will ever have.

Safety first

Safety is a necessity and this Segway style hoverboard is the best decision. This is because Gear Force hoverboards in Australia are certified at the highest level against fire and has electrical safety requirements. It is completely secured from any failure that might happen during riding.

Safety features added

These safety features and instructions have been added:

  • Low battery protection when battery drops to less than 10 percent it will begin to slow down until it will eventually stop
  • Avoid surface that are slippery such as water
  • Avoid surface such as gravel roads
  • Wear gloves, helmets, guards for the elbows and other safety gear
  • Ride on roads that are safe and avoid bumpy surfaces
  • Children must be attended by an adult when riding
  • Don’t lift the self-balancing hoverboard off the ground when turned on


This hoverboard has a Samsung Li-Ion battery which is powerful and lets riders cover up to 20km on only one charge. It has a two-motor engine that delivers up to 700 watts of power for maximum speed in riding in both outdoor and indoor.

Latest hoverboard

This modern hoverboard is the latest type of self-balancing scooter. It can ride on a slope of 30-degree grading. It can easily climb a slope without any failure. Also, this 6.5-wheel hoverboard has the capacity of being able to control unnecessary speeding. A light will come on to let the rider know they are exceeding the recommended 12km/hr. This feature goes a long way in controlling speeds that are excessive.

Lights the way

This electrical Segway style hoverboard can make hovering around an exciting activity. This hoverboard comes with a LED lightbuilt-in that will light your path in the dark at night. This LED light allows you to see any danger in the path ahead. This light is also a great way to make sure other people see you at night.

This is a new and improved hoverboard.

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