The utility of the UN taps and dies explained better

The world is moving ahead at a tremendous pace. You find new inventions on a daily basis. However, one invention has stood the test of time for a long period. That is the invention of the screw and the nut. These are essential tools required for every kind of industry. They have an important place in every home as well. With the screw and the nut garnering much of the importance, one must not forget the contribution of the tools that help in the manufacture of these screws and nuts. We are referring to the humble metric tap and dies.

The functions:

Normally, everyone uses the words taps and dies in combination. However, they are two different tools with different roles to play. The basic principle in use is the same but the method in which they function is different.

As you know, the nut is the female part of the contraption with the screw being the male part. Hence, it would naturally if the nut has the threads on the inside with the screws or the bolts having them on the exterior. The thread cutting tools have to be different as well.

The industry uses the trapezoidal thread taps for creating the grooves inside the nut. These taps are hard implements. Naturally, they have to be. They have to cut through the metal to form the grooves. You would have noticed that the tap would have alternate teeth and flutes. The flutes are the smooth portions. There is a specific reason for the same. When the teeth cut through the metal while creating the grooves, the metal chips make their way through the flutes. This makes for easy threading.

The thread dies have utility in threading the screws and pipes that require external threading. The dies come in pairs. You have to clamp the rod or the pipe on which you want the grooves with the two parts of the die. Rotating the rod through the dies can form the thread. Alternatively, you can rotate the dies to get the same result.

Thus, you can see the taps and dies as complementing each other. The screws would be useless without the nuts and vice versa. This explains the utility of these humble thread cutting tools.

The other uses of the taps and dies:

Sometimes, you can find the erosion of the existing teeth. It may also happen that the existing groove would break thereby making the action ineffective. You can use the same UN thread taps and dies for repairing such implements and cleaning them as well. These taps and dies need not be as hard as the ones that you use for creating the grooves. The industry calls them the chasers.

The three main kinds of taps:

There are three main kinds of taps. They are the Taper tap, Plug tap, and the Bottoming tap. Each one has its own uses and importance. Out of the three, the plug tap is the most commonly used one in the US and other countries as well.

Final words

No one can undermine the contribution of the taps and dies in the industry.

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