Top VoIP Enterprise Phones Features You Must Know About

VoIP phones are smarter in functioning than the conventional ones. These phones are typically fit for the enterprise environments where communication traffic is high. In addition to having the robustness of wired phones, these phones are exceptional in their functioning as these promote certain off-hook usage too. Here are some of the notable features of VoIP enterprise phones that set them apart from the horde of communications solutions.

a. Bluetooth feature

How about syncing mobile phones, calendars, and other headsets or related devices with your phone lying right at your desk? The idea sounds brilliant for the people who do not want to miss anything while managing office responsibilities. Thankfully, Enterprise phones offer this facility beautifully.

b. Power over Ethernet Source

Your phone can do wonders if it remains charged as well as connected to internet line. This facility allows better access and wider reach and makes your phone a one-stop communication solution.

c. Headset support

Sometimes, you need a better quality of communication and require dealing with co-workers without disturbing others. The maintenance of decorum in an office is quite an essentiality, and headset support helps achieve this effortlessly. High-quality HD quality of phones like Grandstream GXP2130 IP Phone coupled with headset support is guaranteed to crystal clear communication.

d. Video conferencing

Gone are the days when one used to struggle with a disturbance over a hone line. The world of the present times belongs to cross-border offices connected with phones having feature like video conferencing. This helps users stay more connected and allows them working in more cohesive environment.

The advancements in the features of simple IP phones are surely making business communications fast, easier and effective. One should switch to offerings like Grandstream VoIP Phones at the earliest to make the office communications a matter of delight.

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