Videos Made by MAC Products Will Also Need to be Converted before Editing

MXF which is short for ‘Material Exchange Format’ and is a vessel format (like AVI) for digital video and audio media defined by professional standards known as SMPTE. It is effective at the interchange of D10 or IMX material and is used by more and more professional camcorders such as:

  • Panasonic P2 502
  • Sony XDCAM
  • Panasonic camcorders
  • Canon XF300/XF305
  • And others

It is used to store audio video and programmed data.

Editing MXF files

MXF files are able to be unlocked and supported for editing by several different professional editing programs such as:

  • Apple Final Cut Pro by XDCAM Transfer
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • And more

No support by other editing programs

MXF files are not able to be supported by some of the more basic and less expensive editing program such as:

  • iMovie
  • Windows Movie Maker

They also are not able to be shown on many portable or video players.


To be edited or played these MXF files need to be converted to mxf converter for mac. One program that can do this is a MXF Converter and editor program for Windows or Mac. For Windows OS and to be edited, MXF you will need to convert MXF to either AVI or WMV.

Play as well as edit

To play as well as edit MXF on:

  • QuickTime
  • Mac
  • Zune
  • Pads
  • iPod
  • Smartphones

You needed to convert MXF to MP4 or convert these files to MOV – to play on Mac, iMovie and QuickTime.

Editing programs

 To use MXF together with ‘Final Cut Pro’, you will need to change MXF to DV or change MXF to ProRes MOV and then use Final Cut Pro for editing. You also can adapt MXF to any wanted formats with the software MXF Converter for professionals.

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