What Goes into Developing a Great Escape Adventure

New Escape Room adventures are opening in NYC as fast as they can be built. And experience shows that each project for a new Escape Room is created with a wide assortment of requirements. Working with a list of carpenters, fabricators, and artists, high-quality Escape Rooms are developed with props all the while accounting for satisfactory spares, ease of use and fortification for high use. Some can be built for a one-set experience or multiple productions– just about whatever it is needed for.

Growing in popularity

Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular and since they are rather new, they are new ones opening each day. If you are new to NYC, a vacationer or an NYC native of this city, get a guide to the high-rated escape rooms in NYC. You can find this information from Yelp. Click the gallery to view the hot spots of NYC Escape rooms. Which one can you power through with rooms of hidden clues as the final countdown begins? Finally, you and your team unlock that final door as you have dominated the Escape Room and it is an achievement to be proud of … well, depending on your scenario.

Key to excitement

The key to a great custom-built escape room experience is the narrative, and video content which is the way to deliver compelling stories and visuals. Select from a group of acting talents that match your requirements. Then, working within limits you with your staff set up for when developing your Escape Room videos. It is just like putting on a play.


If you have already spent time in an Escape Room, you probably have already decided that you are going back. These Escape Rooms are unique stories and different each time. You will be in the story. As the starring characters in this story you will feel like you are in your own movie. How it finishes is all up to you and your group, by solving the puzzles and finding all the clues, and finishing the story before your time runs out. You have only60 minutes to complete the story, and only teamwork will help you unlock the secrets within.

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