What Is Currently on the Market in Wireless Earbuds

Ever since the Walkman came on the market in the ‘80s, many people have never been without music. This means that rarely have the people that have Walkman been without wireless earbuds. Some people have owned or tested almost every brand of wireless earbuds on the market, from the $20 ones to ones that cost around $499. Earphones have become a big part of the appearance of those with Walkman with often some being mistaken for hearing aids, earrings or necklaces (when not in the ears).

Proper pair

A proper pair of earphones or wireless earbuds is almost as important as a comfortable pair of jogging shoes. They need to have flawless sound and fit comfortably for hours of use. But one issue that some people have come across in recent years is the question of wireless earbuds or sticking with wire earbuds. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages. The best way to decide the type of earbuds that is best for you is to compare two in-ear headphones at different price points. For example, test out the Jaybird BlueBuds X and the Yamaha EPH-M200.

Wireless earbuds

Choosing between a pair of wireless earbuds such as the Jaybird Bluebuds X and a traditional pair of wired earphones like the Yamaha EPH-M200 might have more to do with how you will be using them most of the time.

Newest on the market

The newest on the market are wireless earbuds that just entered the marketplace. These are Air Nano by They offer good sound, have a fit that is comfortable, almost 12 hours of playback and right now are selling for $99 and free shipping. They are unique as they come in a small capsule. If you are currently shopping for wireless earbuds, you might want to research these.

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