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What to ask a hosting provider before approving the contract

The cloud is a perfect place for data storage. This technology being the future of hosting has grasped the attention of many. Both small and big businesses are moving to cloud. This is due to the advantages that it offers. However, getting impressive cloud services is never easy. Do not be quick to sign the contract without asking the vendor the following questions.

Location of the servers

Inquire from the provider the location of the servers. This information is hidden by most providers. However, they should freely share it to potential clients. Search for a provider with multiple data centers. Their managed wordpress hosting is the finest. Users of such hosting providers experiences high uptimes. They are protected during outages and can recover data fast.


What matters most to companies in need of hosting is data security. The hosting providers need to invest more in securing it. The facility where the servers are situated should be highly protected. Any unrestricted entry might lead to data loss. That is a huge loss for most clients. Ask the provider how well they are prepared to secure the data.


Find out how the vendor will compensate their clients for damages or loss. Do they have insurance? Some hosting vendors might never last in business. Once they are out of business, their customers will greatly be affected. With insurance, the managed cloud server provider will comfortably compensate their clients for the loss and disruptions.

Notification of Security Breach

Do not assume that a security breach might not happen. Protect your business in case of a breach. Ask if the provider is willing to accept in writing that he/she will notify you in case of a breach. Such incidences are kept from the clients. Most providers will feel like failures when reporting such cases. They fear losing their clients. Clients need to know what might happen to their data.

Security audit

Security audit is done on every provider annually. This procedure is important. It puts pressure on providers to maintain high security on the managed cloud server. Ask for the report of the security audit done in the previous year. Providers with nothing to hide will gladly show the results. Avoid those that hide the results. They might not have undergone auditing.

Duration in business

How long has the hosting company been operating? The companies that have lasted in business for long are the best. They know the hosting needs of their target clients. Hence, they can provide valuable solutions for them. Experience has advanced the skills of their technicians. This gives them the capability to deliver amazing customer support services.


Ask the exact time the clients can contact the provider for help in case of a problem? Do not assume their contact centers will be available for 24 hours. Such claims are made to entice the clients. A provider that is accessible can offer quality managed wordpress hosting. Try calling their phones just to confirm if they can respond. Avoid hosting providers that never respond on time.

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