Which cell phone to buy? Tips for choosing the best appliance

A few years ago, choosing a cell phone was not a task that required a lot of research or knowledge, since there were very few models available on the market, and all had practically the same functions, differing only in categories such as “camera” or “without a camera “and the like.

Nowadays, things have changed a lot. With the launch of smartphones, which are practically a pocket computer, where you can send emails, access the internet quickly, and even take pictures in high resolution, ordinary phones have been set aside. Unlike about 6 years ago today, we have available a multitude of mobile devices, each one better than the other, both in design and in functions.

When buying a cell phone, the following points should be analyzed:

How to choose the ideal appliance?

The first thing to do is to analyze the cost/benefit of the device you want to acquire. To do this, look for all the functions and features it has, as well as the advantages and disadvantages as well. For example, if the device has a high price on account of a state-of-the-art integrated GPS, but you do not own a car and much less travel frequently, this model is probably not ideal for you.


This is one of the most important items on the list. If you’ve found the cell phone you’ve always wanted in a store before you buy it, do a search and you’re sure to be surprised how in some other places it costs cheaper. Want more info? You can read more at


The first step is to know which carrier is most feasible for you since it is no use to have a top-of-the-line mobile phone and it is blocked for a certain carrier that has no viable advantage for you.

If you already have a carrier you are a customer of, and you like the promotions and features it offers, then try to buy a mobile phone that supports its requirements, such as signal frequency and type of service.


Review your priorities well. As said before, it is not financially feasible to buy an expensive cell phone, whose functions you will never use. Because of this, carefully study what you really need in a device.


The Apple iPhone, for example, with each version, enhances your camera, leaving you with more and more similar to a digital camera. Tetapi hari ini, smartphones Android seperti Vivo memiliki cameras dengan 20 megapixels atau lebih.

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