Why Would You Want To Buy Instagram Followers When You Can Get Them For Free?

This is true that you can make your own set of followers without paying money to others; all you need is a little more motivation. You will need to do some of the things like posting new images more often to engage other users with contents which are unique and different from others. Also, if you can tag your posts to other social media, that’s going to help you to solve the problem of how to get free Instagram followers.

Getting followers the right way

You can get free Instagram followers in the following ways:

1. Add interesting information to your profile:

Editing your profile and making it interesting to people reading it is an art and it is also essential if you want to get followers. Your profile should contain a link to your business website or link to other social media where you actively participate. It should also have information about the business you are doing and positive things about it. And last but not least, your profile should have a handle that is attractive and memorable.

2. Linking social media accounts:

This can be done by going to the Settings menu and then clicking Linked Accounts tab. If you link your social media with each other then automatically people who like you in one platform will start following you in other platforms too if they use that platform and therefore the number of people who viewed your posts will increase.

3. Content theme:

To make your followers stay with you and not get distracted you should use come up with a good theme, like sports, education, fitness, cooking etc.

4. Post as often as you can:

You should make a habit of posting at least one post each day, seven days of a week. You should take care of the following things while posting images:

  • Change your content of the image but do not change your theme.
  • Constantly different contents should be posted.
  • The best time of posting for getting a maximum view is 5.00 PM EST.

5. Be interactive:

Try to interact with other Instagram users. You should follow other users and their links and also comment on their posts and slowly they will also do the same for you. This will build a relationship between you and other users. It also solves the problem of how to get free Instagram followers

6. Don’t avoid others feedback:

Give an ear to all feedbacks and be nice to the critics. This will make you do better with your next posts.

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